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The Vulcan Heat & Chill Pumps are manufactured in South Africa by Falcon Industries (O.E.M.) pioneers in the design and production of heat pumps since 1979.
Condor Enterprises, thermo-technical consulting division of Falcon Industries, run by qualified engineers is responsible for turn key projects, contracts local sales and exports.
In conjunction we are able to give our clients the optimum ratio between superb quality products, technical backup and the tailor made units for different conditions and climate zones worldwide.

Vulcan Heat / Chill Pumps are made of the best and most reliable components available on the refrigeration industry and are constantly improving in accordance to the latest technology developments. Our components suppliers are the world wide leaders in their fields, which compliments our product range known as extremely efficient, reliable, durable and modern appearance units, on the local as well as international market.

The units are designed as water to air heat transfer devises, with a range from 6 kW up to 160 kW of heat output in a single machine. From domestic swimming pools, spas and health clubs, schools, hotels and gymnasiums to marine farming plants, aquariums and industrial manufacturing facilities, all our clients have one goal in common: controlled water temperature.

Our motto is excellence, customer's satisfaction is our reward and we are proud of our products.

As from late 1990's, we have launched additional range of Heat and Chill Pumps specially designed for the Middle East region, with a few improved features to overcome the extreme weather conditions this area is exposed to.
We have extensive amount of Heat/Chill Pumps ranging from 10kW up to 160kW, installed in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar performing to our client and our satisfaction.

Tel: +27 11 608 4977, 33 Milky way, Linbro Business Park, South Africa