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A Heat & Chill pump fulfills a dual function - heating and cooling; therefore only a single piece of equipment is required for year-round comfort. A single source of energy can supply both heating and cooling requirements. A moderate supply air temperature in the heating cycle provides even heat, and close adherence to air distribution principles ensures proper airflow and distribution while providing comfort.

Electronic control panel: automatically allows you to achieve optimum performance throughout the full range of operating conditions, making the Vulcan-HP® swimming pool heat/chill pump the most efficient pool heater/chiller available. The control panel features a digital display, programmable thermostat and control indicator lights.

Condenser / evaporator air coil: extra large, designed to maximise latent heat transfer.

Outer casing: made of 304 stainless steel, stylish and durable.

Fan motor: high performance, that allows for maximum efficiency and quiet operation.

Heat exchanger: pure titanium tubing in stainless steel 316 casing, to optimise heat transfer.

Compressor: Copeland Compliant Scroll, the most efficient, reliable and quietest in the range.

Refrigerant: Standard: R22 (HCFC), Optional: R407C

Water connections: 50mm PVC Coupled Unions.

Heat & Chill pumps V20HC V25HC V30HC V40HC V50HC V60HC V80HC V100HC V120HC V160HC
Compressor Suction Gas Cooled Compressors
Refrigerant R22 R22 R22 R22 R22 R22 R22 R22 R22 R22
Voltage 380/420V 380/420V 380/420V 380/420V 380/420V 380/420V 380/420V 380/420V 380/420V 380/420V
Phase 3Ph 3Ph 3Ph 3Ph 3Ph 3Ph 3Ph 3Ph 3Ph 3Ph
Frequency 50hz 50hz 50hz 50hz 50hz 50hz 50hz 50hz 50hz 50hz
Max. Operating current 10A 10A 11A 16A 18A 19A 32A 36A 38A 55A
Locked Rotor Current 50A 66A 74A 101A 123A 127A 202A 246A 254A 396A
Sound pressure @ 1 m 57dB 59dB 60dB 61dB 65dB 65dB 61dB 65dB 65dB 75dB
Max. High Pressure 27.5 bar 27.5 bar 27.5 bar 27.5 bar 32 bar 28 bar 27.5 bar 32 bar 32 bar 32 bar
Max. Standstill pressure 17 bar 17 bar 17 bar 27 bar 20 bar 17 bar 17 bar 20 bar 20 bar 22 bar
Nominal water flow 120/150 l/min 120/150 l/min 120/150 l/min 180/200 l/min 180/200 l/min 180/200 l/min 180/200 l/min 200/220 l/min 200/220 l/min 200/220 l/min
Nominal air flow x1000 6m3/h 7m3/h 7m3/h 11m3/h 12m3/h 12m3/h 22m3/h 24m3/h 24m3/h 24m3/h
Nominal heating capacity
Heat output 22.72kW 27.80kW 29.71kW 38.70kW 50.52kW 58.65kW 77.40kW 101.04kW 117.3kW 168.16kW
Power input 3.21kW 4.80kW 4.51kW 5.74kW 7.48kW 8.60kW 11.48kW 14.97kW 17.2kW 24kW
C.O.P. 7.07 6.07 6.59 6.74 6.75 6.82 6.47 6.75 6.82 7.00
Running current @ 400V 4.87A 6.94A 6.83A 8.70A 11.47A 13.03A 17.04A 22.68A 26.06A 35.4
Nominal cooling capacity
Cooling duty 14.61kW 16.94kW 20.05kW 24.24kW 30.77kW 37.29kW 48.48kW 61.54kW 74,58kW 121kW
Power input 3.32kW 4.22kW 4.81kW 5.38kW 7.21kW 8.28kW 10.76kW 14.42kW 16.56kW 24.8kW
C.O.P. 4.40 4.01 4.27 4.5 4.26 4.50 4.50 4.26 4.50 4.89
Running current @ 400V 6.04A 16.94A 8.56A 10.34A 13.47A 15.47A 20.68A 26.94A 30.94A 22.1A
Length (mm) 960 960 1060 1060 1040 1040 1020 2400 2400 2400
Height (mm) 780 780 920 920 1000 1000 1250 1000 1250 1250
Width (mm) 770 770 820 820 1020 1020 1250 1040 1040 1040
Weight 118kg 126kg 130kg 150kg 260kg 280kg 490kg 640kg 720kg 850kg
* All units can be manufactured to operate at 60Hz and 230 or 480volts
Capacities will be approximately 30% Higher

6 V100HC Heat & Chill pumps installed in Jedah in a palace in Saudi Arabia

Tel: +27 11 608 4977, 33 Milky way, Linbro Business Park, South Africa