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  1. The heart of the system - compliant scroll compressor the most efficient, quietest, reliable compressor on the heat pump application.
  2. Titanium condenser - heat exchanger double spiral patented, to maximise the heat transfer suitable for all kinds of pool chemicals, salt water chlorinators and sea water.
  3. Outer casing - stylish and durable 304 stainless steel
  4. Evaporator fan high performance, vertical discharge.
  5. Evaporator coil extra large to maximise latent heat transfer.
  6. Temperature control electronic temperature control with digital display. Indicates pool water temperature as well as settings.
  1. Phase Failure/Rotation control: prevents start-up if the power supply is phased incorectly
  2. Delay time on start, protects the unit from short cycling when power is switched on and off repeatedly.
  3. Low and high refrigerant pressure switches.
  4. Low ambient temperature cut out switch.
  5. Electronically controlled hot gas by-pass, suitable for 12 months operation (optional).
  6. Water pressure switch - prevents the unit to operate without enough water.

  1. Gives you reliable non-weather dependable source of pool heating
  2. Extends your swimming season from 3 to 9 months (12 months optional)
  3. Quietest operation in the range, due to the excellent sound performance of the scroll compressor.
  4. High performance, durable unit that is built to last.

Tel: +27 11 608 4977, 33 Milky way, Linbro Business Park, South Africa