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The Vulcan-hp Shower Chillers are energy efficient machines that remove the heat from the water and transfer it to the ambient air; at a high temperature. In the case of Vulcan-hp Shower Chillers, it extracts up to 70% of the requirements from nature and only 30% from an electrical source.

The Vulcan-hp Shower Chiller is specially designed for regions where ambient temperature exceed 45C and water temperature becomes unpleasant for shower and bath purposes.

The Vulcan Shower Chiller is a compact, self contained refrigeration unit with a built-in stainless steel tank that has a 300l, 500l or 1 000l storage capacity.

The Shower Chiller water temperature should be cooled from 40C, down to15C; in two hours cycles.

Shower and instantaneous Chillers are in demand for extremely hot climate zones where residential and commercial needs require cooling of any water supply.

Unit Description

  • Cabinet: Heavy duty steel frame with 304 stainless steel removable panels.
  • Water Storage Tank: Stainless Steel 316 grade, with 25mm insulation and in-line water circulating pump.
  • Evaporator: Copper coil immersed within the tank.
  • Condenser: Extra large coil to maximize latent heat transfer, with a high performance, vertical discharge fan, that allows for maximum efficiency and quiet operation.
  • Water connections: stainless steel 316 (3/4"FPT) inlet and outlet.
  • Compressor: Copeland Compliant Scroll, the most efficient, reliable and quietest in the range.
  • Controls: Electronically controlled thermostat, high and low pressure gauges, expansion valve. The control panel features a digital display, programmable thermostat and control indicator lights.
  • BMS connection - optional
  • Refrigerant: Standard: R22 (HCFC)
  • R407C or R134a - optional

  • Tel: +27 11 608 4977, 33 Milky way, Linbro Business Park, South Africa